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Covid19 Health Protocol

We know this situation is constantly evolving, and we will stay flexible so you can feel reassured about the measures we’ve taken at the studio space to ensure your safety.   We continue to pay close attention to the news and staying up-to-date with any recommendations as we transition back to a safe and healthy studio environment. 




MINIMAL TOUCH POINTS:  We will aid our client experience by having minimal touch points during your time at the studio.   


PPE & HANDSANITIZER:  We will keep masks, antibacterial cleaners, wipes, hand sanitizer on-site at all times for our clients; as well as sanitize any high touch points in our space before and after every client session.    


AIR FLOW:  We will ensure air flow in the space whether through our large industrial windows or via open flow industrial AC.  We also utilize our on-site air purifier. 


MASKS:  Photographers will have masks with them at all times to ensure the client is comfortable.  


DISTANCE: Will work with the recommended guidelines of SOCIAL DISTANCING to assure client is comfortable throughout their time at the studio. 


STYLISTS:  Our stylists may have additional guidelines for maintaining a safe interaction with them, including the recommendations for supplies and equipment used.  We will provide clients those details prior to their shoot. 


GUESTS:  At this time, we request that clients do not bring any additional guests or friends with them to their session.  


ARRIVAL AT INDUSTRY CITY:  Please wear a mask upon arrival to Industry City.  There are hand sanitizer stations throughout the premises.  Once arrival on our floor, we ask that clients visit the restroom to wash your hands before buzzing into our hallway and studio.  


PLEASE DO NOT COME if you are experiencing ANY SYMPTOMS of COVID-19.  Just as we promise to not put our clients’ health at risk, we ask that clients remain honest and upfront about their own health for the safety of our photographers, collaborators and fellow Industry City tenants.  Your photographer will reschedule with you at an agreed upon time.  



Please do not hesitate to reach out prior to your session with any questions or concerns! 












  • CLEAN: we agree to wipe down all used space, touch points, and equipment with antibacterial wipes or spray, post use of the space.  Including but not limited to:  light switches, makeup table, stools, chairs, coffee table, fridge, high table, cabinets, equipment, etc… 

  • PPE & HANDSANITIZER: We will keep masks, antibacterial cleaners, wipes, hand sanitizer on-site at all times for our clients; as well as sanitize any high touch points in our space daily, before/after clients, or as used.   

  • SPACE: We agree to keep the space as open as possible for the photographer working with a client, please notify if your client requests nobody else on site.  

  • GUEST POLICY: We agree to inform each other of ANY guests or assistants coming to the space (via text, or calendar)  

  • STYLISTS: must adhere to our guidelines and clean up after their work, wear protective gear, and sanitize their products.   

  • OFFICE SPACE: Is solely for the use of Matt, Vibecke and Daryl unless discussed ahead of time.  

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